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  • Bali Safari embarks you on an adventure in wildlife!
  • A Safari Park incorporating strong Balinese culture with Animal education and conservation.
  • Located 30 km from Bali's International Airport, Ngurah Rai.

Immerse yourself in the home of hundreds of amazing animals - Bali Safari is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience. See animals representing over 100 species, including rare and endangered species - the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan and the Bali Mynah bird.
Enjoy an unlimited Safari Journey, express lines, and VIP treatment with your Rhino package.

Enjoy FREE entrance for kids under 3 years old. Guests in wheel chairs are also welcome as our park is wheel chair friendly.
For your comfort and convenience, strollers and wheel chairs are available for daily rental.



Very much satisfied. Everything was well organized and worth paying the amount.

My family did the Rhino

Staff were fantastic but we got put in the wrong line when we got there and had to wait to get our tickets. The lunch was lovely but the buffet was very very empty including the sour cream and sweet chilli for the wedges. Was also a bit disappointed that no photo of my daughter was taken when she held the bird in the animal show. Everything else was fantastic and we loved all the shows and elephant ride. Overall quite happy. Was a wonderful experience!

Great visit, nice arrangements for Rhino package with pickup and great food and especially the elephant ride

An absolute must do! We picked the Rhino package and are so glad, we didn't have to wait in queues or find seats. Recommended if it is a really hot day. The shows are truely spectactular, there is so much to see and do. The park is extremely well laid out and the food is delicious (we had lunch witht he lions which is a buffet). The show in the theatre was incredible. We didn't get to do everything we wanted so we will definetly be back. A very magical experience and we created memories that will last a lifetime.

Rhino package was great

A wonderful experience and a well organised program.

Excellent experience. Great shows and great photo opportunities

Lovely day thanks so much!

Сафари-парк нам понравился. Но хотело бы больше свободного времени (между посещение шоу почти не смогли просто походить и посмотреть остальных животных). Если бы парк работал чуть дольше, было бы лучше) Хотелось бы заранее знать расписание шоу через сайт и вообще побольше информации на сайте))

We took the rhino package and we're given premium seats all the way. Rode the Elephant's back for 30 mins. Best time ever! Best part of my Bali trip actually

Vert fois safari and we grave loved the VIP rhino.

One of the most memorable days out of our holiday in Bali. The kids felt very special in the VIP lounge, and we had the very best seating at every show.! If you want to experience it all, the Rhino pack is the ultimate day out.!

We loved Bali Safari Rhino package! It’s definitely worth paying the extra money for this package as there are so many great things included. We even had a car pick us up from our hotel and take us home after which was great! Such a great day and experience - will definitely return next time we are in Bali.

Fantastic tour

Our family of 2 adults and 3 children really enjoyed the day. The shows were amazing and riding the elephants was an amazing experience. We were treated very well by all the staff, as soon as we were spotted by staff members they promptly guided us to our seating for the shows. The animals looked well cared for and the zoo was very clean. The only negatives i have is the food at the lion restaurant- it was very average and we were very rushed trying to make it to all the shows as they were very close together. Other than that we had a fantastic day. I do feel it was a tad overpriced as we paid over $800 australian for sale tickets, but overall it was a good experience.

Good Experience

The transportation is great, the reception is also great, but I did not watch the animals show to let the security guy let other people sit next to us, so I feel upset because I deserve a special treatment? When the theater ended, there was a break to drink and eat, but I could not find a seat. I had to wait a quarter of an hour. When people went, I went to eat but most of the food was pure and the workers told us quickly because we had another offer. This did not benefit from the water games for a short time .. I wish that you have a package higher than the Rohino .. Experience unfortunately is not good and will not be repeated and will not advise anyone

Wonderful day though started with Raimund. Stile wonderfully organices. Beautiful bali Agung show. Not exactly great fun zone and acqua zone. As for the animals, very worth it

This place is simply stunning, you can get up close to the animals. The Rhino package was well worth the money and would recommend it to anyone

Absolutely amazing experience felt like we were treated like royalty the fact that you wrote down what time everything and what order to go In made things so easy and we were totally blown away by the Bali Agung show, fantastic stage performance and actually made our day

Thank you for the wonderful day. We loved absolutely everything! Excellent service, excellent infrastructure, everything is very clear and brilliant staff. I recommend to all!!!

Loved every minute of it!!!

The day was planned out so I would be able to make the most of it, all activities were fantastic, I loved all of them! I especially loved all the animal encounters. I wish I had more time there. The only thing I found was that no matter how hard the staff tried, people would always sit in the rhino seating area, even though they didn't pay extra for it and didn't have the yellow band.

It was a wonderful experince! We enjoyed every minute of it.... from the Elephant Safari Ride to the Tiger Show to the Elephant Show. Lunch with the lions is a must for everyone.
One day is not enough, so we'll definitely go back one day.

The rhino package is a Waste of money .. we should have chose the leopard or dragon more than enough

We were well accommodated & the rhino pass allowed for special seating.

Wanted to have lunch during the lion feeding, however the president's wife came and that was off limits.

The activities were great experience.

Absolutely excellent service the park provided. staff were exceptional, hard working and very friendly. We would most definitely recommend this package as the priority seating alone was the best seats to have. How close and personal you could get to some animals were astonishing and the surroundings were stunning. We read some negative reviews about the park before we visited and i was very reluctant to go but I was happy to see that the size of enclosures were bigger than expected, the animals looked healthy and happy. The only thing I would change is the service in the restaurant as it lacked slightly and we were given a dirty table. The waiters and waitresses seemed very flustered although there were not many visitors eating at the time, we took it upon ourselves to move table as staff did not attend to us for a while. This did not take away from the amazing time we had throughout the park. the shows were very fascinating and we learned a lot. If we return to Bali we will definitely return to the park. Good job everyone!

Fantastic entertainment, Rhino package is the ultimate experience, express service and VIP Treatment, well worth the money.

Is the best package of all. It is definitely much more than what you pay for it. We bought this package for the elephant ride and for lunch at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, but it turned out to be much more interesting with the priority attention and VIP access to all the shows. We did not have to queue in any line and we were able to make the most of the park

Need more defined lines at Safari loading area, we were lined up for 20 minutes with everyone else only to find there was a separate line for Rhino customers (As there should be) needs to be corrected with more defined lines and better staff organizing.

On our second visit to Bali Safari and Marine Park within 2 years, Rhino package did not disappoint us. We could see the difference in the park and treatment of animals, that the park, staff and conditions are changing and improving. Rhin offers the whole package, best seats, great lunch, impressive Agung show, but, most of all, a lot of interactions with animals who are kept in good condition. A visitor can encounter and learn about a wide variety of animals, and it is a place to recommend, especially if you love elephants! We not only saw them bathing, and rode on them, but also fed a mother elephant with her calf, learned about the dangers the species is facing, and cuddled them after the educational show. This is not a circus act like in some other parks, but a serious preservation program.

Shows were really well done & very enjoyable. The timing between them was short however & did make it very rushed. Overall a great day.

Very well organised, wide range of activities, animal exhibits excellent.

Great experience and the crew are professional

This is an amazing place to spend a day in Bali. We ran out of time to see and do all the things available. Would highly recommend the Rhino package, it covers everything you could possibly want from a Safari and Marine Park.

Great experience!

Very good package and timings were very good

Excellent experience, the Rhino ticket gets you the best seats for all the shows as well as more than enough food and drink. The lunch in the Lion Restaurant was amazing, and all the animals seem very content and beautifully looked after.

Amazing would definitely come back

An amazing experience loved it

We thoroughly enjoyed this fabulous experience, particularly the animal, tiger and elephant shows and the Agung Show which was absolutely spectacular! We felt the whole park was very well organised, but it was hard to fit in everything we wanted to see and do. I visited 2 years ago and felt it was still as good as then, if not better. We did not however like the photo with the Orangutan - it was not as good as preciously.

Cathy McBey

Definitely worth getting the Rhino package

We just loved it so much we had to book the night safari also.

Excellent deal, VIP benefits with the Rhino package, minimal time spent in queues and snacks and coffee provided with this deal. Great experience worth every $ spent.

Ce fut une journée formidable. Le pack rhino est très complet: transfert aller retour, petit déjeuner, pas d attente pour les activités, photo avec les animaux inclus, restaurant tsavo ou l on peut admirer les lionnes . Nous avons adoré le spectacle de Bali Agung, moment grandiose. Merci pour ces beaux souvenirs !

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Bali Safari & Marine Park
Prof Dr Ida Bagus Mantra Km 19,8 Gianyar 80551, Bali - Indonesia, Gianyar, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 361 209 8100 (Reservation)
Telephone : +62 361 950 000 (Hunting)

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