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  • Bali Safari embarks you on an adventure in wildlife!
  • A Safari Park incorporating strong Balinese culture with Animal education and conservation.
  • Located 30 km from Bali's International Airport, Ngurah Rai.

Your Night Safari ticket is exciting, special and full of fun.
See our Fire Show, enjoy a BBQ dinner and you will experience a true natural wildlife encounter.

Additional Information:
The Walking Safari will be closed at 7.15pm
The Ticketing Counter will be closed at 8pm

Enjoy FREE entrance for kids under 3 years old. Guests in wheel chairs are also welcome as our park is wheel chair friendly.
For your comfort and convenience, strollers and wheel chairs are available for daily rental.



Absolutely incredible experience! Definitely a must do while in Bali, it won't disappoint.

The whole night was an amazing experience, from the walk through tour, to the night safari, The night just kept getting better and better, ending it with a BBQ dinner and a cultural performance. Dinner and a show was just the icing on the cake and ended the night perfectly. HIGHLY RECCOMEND.

One of the best experiences you can have. Having the big cats literally on top of you is something you won’t forget

A must do when visiting Bali! Such an incredible experience to feed and get up so close with the animals. There is plenty of food to choose from at dinner and the dance at the end is great way to finish off an incredible evening

Excellent experience. So close to the animals

This was my 3rd Safari experience, 3 of my friend’s 2nd and another’s 1st. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Excellent, friendly guides and park staff. The BBQ was delicious! We especially liked that we were able to sit inside the restaurant! A superb range of meats, salads, vegetables and desserts to choose from!!

no comments execellent time

What an amazing experience for our family to be apart of! Being so close to the amazing animals what such a thrill and getting to feed them was extra special too. Having the tigers climb over our catch was absolutely awesome. Tiger saliva and all! It’s a must do! The fire dance was extraordinary too. And the food was amazing. Best food on our holiday!
My only complaint would be timing. Unfortunately, it felt very rushed! Would of been better if we weren’t rushed through everything.

1 time i didnt mind being in a cage. Amazing experience with the balinese dance at the end the perfect finish.

Very nice experience.

Very well organised and loved every moment

Was amazing, food awesome, entertainment awesome, staff double awesome, experience double double awesome

LOVED every minute of Night Safari, you'll see animals in totally different ways, which is really amazing! Recommend to everyone.

Best value for money. Great programme with very friendly staff. The dinner was absolutely amazing. Fantastic experience for little kids to see the animals up close in Their natural habitat.

Fantastic and unforgettable experiences with the animals.

This was our second time doing the night safari, such a great experience and the dinner and show are well worth it.

Amazing Amazing Amazing !! Highly recommend (:

Great safari, really enjoyed the night safari tour in the cage and fire show and the buffet was very nice - only moan would be the walking tour - was very rushed by tour guide and not a lot to see - I think if that was improved then it would be worth the very expensive fee you pay for the entire experience.

Amazing experience and will get to see wild animals up and close and they are well taken care of. Only problem we faced was despite purchasing tickets online we had to queue for almost 90 mins to get the tickets to enter the park.

Overall great.

Overall it was okay

A little bit disorganised at the start and end of the night but overall a fantastic experience. This will be the closest you ever get to wild animals such as lions and tigers in a safe environment.
Great experience.

It was great to get up close to animals. Food was amazing.

Great experience and food however too short on time.

De gros progrès sur le repas par rapport à l’annee Précédente. Nous avons vu beaucoup plus d’animaux de près dans le camion cage, nous sommes très satisfait, expérience à vivre

Amazing Experience. Must visit when you come to Bali!!!

Def recommend. Food and fire show were also amazing.

Great experience very well organised

Great night with beautiful things to experience and wonderful generous hosts. Thank you

Last time I took the night safari we were allowed to touch the stomach of the tiger, this time we weren’t. Either way it was a great experience! The fire show was very moving, the tour guide was funny and knew a lot of details about the animals.

Well worth the money! One of a kind experience!

In general the experience is good, it was a pity that only some animals are in the night visible. it would be better to see more.

A fantastic evening, you got really close to the animals and the staff were lovely. Dinner was excellent which was a bonus. A definite must see when in Bali.

Walking tour was very short , pretty much a waste of time
Safari was enjoyable

Safari and diner were okay, but i could not follow the fire dance message...

Well worth attending

Amazing.The best night we have ever!!

Love it... only wishes we could pat the tigers belly but we did stop long enough and the other people in the cage wouldn't move so we could pat the belly.

Good customer service n experience

Good experience especially experience with tiger @ Night Safari

We found this tour and hoped it would be as good as the reviews said it would be (some were mixed, some were disappointed, and some said this is a can't miss experience). We are pleased to say it was completely worth it! We were in Bali in May which is low tourist season, so there were no lines and pretty much no one else was at the park, which was amazing. I'm not sure how enjoyable it would have been if it was extremely crowded with long wait lines.
What we loved: it was not crowded, the staff were friendly and helpful, the food was good, and the animals! The lion put his front paws up on the cage right in front of me and i could feel his breath on my face! the tiger jumped on the cage and stayed there for a while, we could even reach up and touch his stomach. We will never experience that anywhere else.

What we didn't care for so much: The fire dance show was lame. If you have been to a luau and think it will be the same level you are mistaken. Young kids will likely find it entertaining, but adults probably won't care too much.

Overall, it was worth the money.

What great experience. A must do in Bali

Honestly I was nearly put off by other reviews but I am glad I thought to just try it myself anyway. It was a great experience, the food was a bit sophisticated for my kids so they only ate fruit and you might want to take a hand fan for the wait at the beginning but everything was well run and organised and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Most amazing experience!!

What an awazing experience. We LOVED every minute. Walking tour-10mins, good. Driving tour-20mins, fantastic. In a cage with tigers above you. Fed elephants and zebra. Then food-WOW. Beautiful. Great staff. Fantastic driver brilliant. Would defo recommend.

Excellent experience and amazing staff!!
Only feedback - less people on the driving safari in the cage at a time so everyone has a chance on both sides and can move around for the animals that are only on one side

Great fun and a bit of an adventure!

The safari itself was really good. The close encounters were very exciting. The buffet needed more variety. The food that was available was delicious though. Our tour guides were great, very approachable, fun and informative. Thank you!!

Loved it .the park and staff very good,animals great ,Tigers superb. Restaurant well set out,staff good ,buffet doesn’t do much for me ,too hit and miss.

The Night Safari was a wonderful night
The caged truck and getting to see the animals up close was by far the best part of the night.
The food was a little to spicy for my family, would have been better if there were some non spicy foods too.
Fire dance show was amazing and very good.
The walk around zoo wasn't that good as too many people in our group so we couldn't really see or hear the tour guide.
Was still a great night, but some things could be worked on to make it an unforgettable night :)

Great experience all around and you did birthdays well!!!

This was a great experience! To feed some animals, and the animal encounters as a whole were great. The highlight of course was the tigers! The only thing I found was maybe 14 people in one car was too much, and more time was needed to have dinner


We had been to the Safari Park for a day trip and were thinking that the night safari would be much the same but were really impressed. Especially the Tigers. A real thrill to get so close. Would thoroughly recommend this tour to everyone. Make the effort you won't be disappointed.

Wonderful experience guide was very informative the animals were very alert and took food without hesitation I would recommend the tour. Get there early to get the first trucks to get the best from the animals.

Novel idea with great staffs always helping with smile

Safari was fantastic - loved every minute of it.
Animals just gorgeous. However reception completely ignored me inline. Tourist are treated differently to locals. I was still a PAYING customer - but that just didn't seem to matter.

Very disappointing and overpriced experience. Whole experience took less than 2 and a half hours and that was with lots of waiting around and at least 40 minutes for dinner.

Staff weren't very helpful and the whole experience was very disorganised. Arrived on the shuttle from Kuta and then had to wait 50 minutes for the experience to start. 35 minutes in a queue to have my ticket checked and 15 minutes in the waiting lounge with your 'welcome drink'-safe to say I wasn't feeling very welcome. I had to ask 5 different members of staff where to go to get the wristband and only person 5 knew.

The walking safari was a short walk through the dark and involved squinting at a few animals. Light was not good enough to see the Komodo dragons properly and there was a VERY sad looking elephant standing in the open. There was nothing to stop the elephant charging/running away, except presumable whatever was causing it to look so sad. (Took about 20 minutes)

They then had to scramble about to sort out who would go on the night safari as there were too many people for the van/bus. They then sent some of us for dinner whilst others went on the night safari.

Animal encounter was disappointing too. Take your photo with a bird/parrot sitting on a perch on your way to dinner. Dinner was plentiful but not a lot of choice. Iced Tea and water included (get your money's worth here if you can).

The show was...average. Lasted about 15 minutes.

Then went on the night safari which was a very rushed experience. Then handed out bananas to feed some of the animals but were in such a rush to get us back/out of the park that they drove off before a little girl had the chance to feed any of the animals (which you wouldn't think is a big deal but when there is only 8 people in the van, surely they could've actually let at least the child feed them one banana). Lasted just less than 20 minutes.

In total £62 or $83 for less than an hour of animals (55 minutes).

Money better spent elsewhere

Awesome tour. Never thought I would ever get so close to a white tiger.

There needs to be proper lighting.
Buffet dinner was crap.
They forgot to send shuttle despite making a reservation with them, which was rather unprofessional.

Fantastic experience.

wonderful experience

The package is good but apparently I bought 3 tickets thru online website and charged for Rp. 990.000,- per pax which was for foreigner whereas I am a local resident; the website did not mentioned it, hence, I paid almost double for each pax without a chance to get a refund.

The attraction was good. But doesn't worth the money we spent. The food was delicious, the safari walk was boring, the fire dance was not really special. The best part was when the tiger jumped above the cage, but i feel the car track is too short. Very good for children, not so good for adult.

animals were amazing, dinner was quite good - lots of variety in food choices (drink service by staff was terrible, they had no idea what they were doing).
night safari tour was a little bit too short (in cage on truck) but still good. don't fully understand the point of the first night walking tour when the animals are asleep and you can't really see anything.
the guides need to be more structured in allowing people to take photos on walking tour - some guests were incredibly pushy & the guides did nothing to stop them from squashing you into the glass so they could photograph the tigers.


This was amazing and glad we did it, seeing the tigers up so close was fantastic, highly recommend this if in Bali

Overall we mainly enjoyed our trip to the night safari, however, we were disappointed with a few things - mainly with the wait times. There was only one bus moving people at the end of the fire show so we waited at least 25 minutes just to be escorted to the main entrance at the end of the show. Our kids were very tired by this stage so it was frustrating to have to wait that long. I think out of the 3 hours we were there at least 1 hour was spent waiting for the three busses to take us places. We were disappointed with the amount of animals you see on the walking tour - we had thought it would go on longer than 10 minutes. The other thing we noticed was the three guys playing the drums during the fire dance really didn't look like they wanted to be there. One of them was yawning a few times during the show. I'm not sure we'd return to the night safari because of these things.

Very short duration. The cage ride was very small and animals were very reluctant to come near the cage. Apart from that, people standing in 2nd queue in cage safari cannot see anything. It was disappointing especially when we traveled so far for this.


Hi, the programm is perfect! I were in team 2 on Jan, 9. Our guide is very well!!!

By 4 stars rated because of
1) short time for the journey. It could be better to have a little bit more time of the stops to take a photo.
2) only 1 animal (snake) was available for photo in the lobby.
3) please put starting time to the site and the voucher

Thank you for the emotions! The fire show is wounderfull as well!! I have been visited in your Safari with my infant twice (day and night), both are cool for the baby as well!
I will come again)

Separately thanks to your manager, who supported us with transferring the night safari from Jan7 to Jan9.

See you)

very good , but its better if the jouney can stay longer

Really really enjoyed my time at the Bali safari and marine park. The whole thing was well organised from start to finish. It was nice to explore the safari on foot before getting in the cage. But the cage was definitely the highlight!! Such an amazing concept for people to be in the cage instead of the animals. It was great to have all the animals coming up to the cage and I especially loved it when the tiger payed the cage a visit. The buffet after the cage tour was really tasty and the show after food is also really good fun. I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Bali!

It would be great if the journey is much longer in duration. It's doesn't need to be feeding the animals journey thoughtout, but it would be good if we able to see a glimpse of these animals ie. how they behaves at night and giving thrill to us as if we are experiencing safari journey in the night.

The part is amazing, staff is very friendly and ready to help. All animals look happy and well looked after. However, night safari trip was very brief. Walking part of it only covered 3-5 animals. The cage part was a real excitement but as I have mentioned already didn't last long, maybe stopped for a minute by each animal. They organise several groups so you have a feeling like they try to rush you through so the other groups could go. So I assume a day trip on your own gives you more time to interact with the animals. The show afterwards was quite interesting, I'm sure children will enjoy a lot. I expected a dinner to be at the restaurant with windows facing the animals but no, it's a BBQ place outside. You can't see anything from there. There wasn't much to choose from in a buffet but everything they've offered was quite tasty.

My partner and I are very happy with the experience! Great staff and very exciting to have tigers jumping on the cage for the night safari! Great buffet and fire dance. All the staff are excellent. Thank you guys for the wonderful night :)

It was an incredible night with great entertainment and lovely food! Thank you so much for a great time and the best date night I have ever had

Was Great. Disappointing the lighting around the part wasn't better so the Photo's (Without a Flash) come out better. Also you should have Taxi's waiting for people or shuttle buses to places other than Kuta.

Awesome experience up close and personal with the animals would recommend to anyone visiting bali

Loved it!!!

What an amazing experience! We started off with a nice walking safari through the park, followed by dinner, and then the nocturnal experience where we got to feed some zebras, elephants, African red cows and saw some lions, rhinos and camels. The best part of the tour however was having two large tigers on top of our cage lying down, and getting the rare chance to touch their bellies while they ate! Definitely worth it! You guys do an amazing job :D

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