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Jungle Hopper Package

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  • Bali Safari's Jungle Hopper embarks you on an adventure in wildlife!
  • A Safari Park incorporating strong Balinese culture with wild animal encounters.
  • Located 30 km from Bali's International Airport, Ngurah Rai.

The Jungle Hopper ticket – our number one selling Safari experience on your holiday in Bali!
Jungle Hopper embarks you on an adventure in wildlife to encounter a wide variety of animals, even endangered species. Please see inclusions!
Combined with traditional Balinese culture, aquarium access and special show access, we guarantee you and your loved ones an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Enjoy FREE entrance for kids under 3 years old. Guests in wheel chairs are also welcome as our park is wheel chair friendly.
For your comfort and convenience, strollers and wheel chairs are available for daily rental.



We had such a great time! The animals are well looked after and we learnt a lot at the shows. Will definitely return when we come back to Bali!

A great place to visit with family having young children.

Fantastic we had a fab time

It was a great experience, a big thank you to the team

Very good

Fun for kids.

The Safari tour in bus was the best. However the shows were just ok and not that entertaining. The pricing for rides were high

Absolutely worth going to while in Bali, the Bali Safari is an amazing place to visit, we took the Jungle Hopper package and got to drive along side some amazing animals, We got to see Bon Bon the orangutang before she left the park!! If you get there at opening time you will get to see all the shows they have on at various times through out the morning and at lunchtime. All animals l are well cared for...Highly recommend the visit .I booked online on the Official website, Get there in the morning as crowds tend to come mid morning!!

An awesome family experience. From the animal shows, Safari journey, Bali Agung Show & Waterpark full of fun. Great amnities, Uma Restaurant & Musolla.

I was disappointed to see crowd at shows (animal show, elephant show, tiger show), which made it impossible for our family with little kids to attend.

Great park with heaps of animals that, to the untrained eye, look very well looked after and happy. The kids absolutely loved it and food and drinks prices inside were very reasonable.

Return shuttle bus leaves too late

My family really had fun spending the whole day at Bali Safari. Place was clean and animals were treated well.

The staff are amazing and very accomodating. The park is well maintained and the service is superb! We really enjoyed our whole day experience in the park especially the animal interactions. Highly recommended!

Great time had by the whole family!! A really enjoyable day - I would highly recommend the Bali Safari and Marine Park to anyone travelling to Bali!

The elephant show is not kids friendly.

easy to use,saves you from waiting in line

The park is very well maintained and the animals are taken care of well. The animal shows are great. The safari was too quick and half an hour does not do justice. Also the lions were sleeping during lunch time.

The safari ride was way too short, lasted literally 15 minutes. Too rushed.
The lion restaurant was very nice

The best experience I had in Bali. Well organised, staff very supportive, friendly. Would recommend to anyone.
Thank you for the beautiful time.

The safari park itself is fantastic. We have been several times and enjoy it every time although the shows are primarily the same content, they’re enjoyable. The check in/ticketing is terrible though and it was frustrating which was evident among everyone present. The prepaid online ticketing line took an hour to get through although already paid and ticket ordered (only several people in front). The fresh ticketing and those who just rocked up we’re finished and inside the parking before those who prebooked. This should be looked into as it’s not normal to have that and left many people angry and frustrated. Overall a good park. Thanks

We went on the jungle hooper tour. Our family had a great time. My kids are 4 and 6.

The actual safari ride gets you up close to many animals. We were 1 metre from a lion!

The shows are entertaining and informative.

The whole park is so beautiful, statues and lovely jungle everywhere.

We also took the kids to the waterpark, was great to cool off.

My wife was picked to go on stage at the elephant show, she got to touch the elephant which was special.

Definitely worth the admission price, recommend this tour to all.

Great day, once you are in! Purchased tickets from Bali Safari website and a slow nightmare wait to get in. People were booking Elephant rides in the online booking line.
Once in kids and adults had a great day. Lots of animals to see and plenty of shows to see, animals to feed.
Worth going.

Great experience!

Everything was cool, and very nice. Shows are definitely must see. The minor issue is that safari itself was very brief, with so much stop and little time to see animals

Fantastic day, great experience with conservative as the key theme. All the animals looked happy and healthy. We were given some once in a life time, up close and personal opportunities. Will definitely return next time I’m in Bali.

Great to see all the animals looking so healthy and enjoying good relationships with their trainers. They all have space to roam and semi-natural enclosures which is nice! Check-in needs to be improved especially for those who book online as it was the longest queue! Other than that a fantastic experience.

We loved it it was really nice

Very enjoyable day. The animals seemed very happy and had beautiful relationships with their caregivers. We loved the shows :)

We had a great time in here. The jungle hopper package is quite complete since we already get all of basic things in here. The animals are well feed and look healthy. I suggest to get there at the opening time to enjoy all the attractions

The grounds were nice and the variety of animals was ok. It is a very expensive place to visit compared to other world class zoo’s.

The kids water park needs pram/wheel chair access. There is only stair access which is not acceptable.

Had a great day at the Safari Park with our family! Wish we had of had enough time to see everything!

It was a great experiance. Thank you!

Great for the kids. Probably too short though.

We’re very happy, especially my daughter can feeding the elephant and see a lot of animal.

Amazing tour and incredible customer experience. Kids will love it surely

Very well maintained and nicely explained.

Really easy to book and saved allot of money online. Strongly recommend booking free shuttle bus - very comfortable and convenient. Was happy with jungle hopper we planned ahead and made sure we were at each show 20 min prior to get good seats. The afternoon tea was disappointing (small piece of cake and icetea) however bought a slushie for $2.50. Feel like we got good value for booking jungle hopper online for what we achieved. Avoid going on Monday because they don’t show the production on Monday’s. Peace ✌️

Nice to see so much in systematic way

Only Safari is good.

I stayed at Mara River Safari Lodge. However due to the lack of information from the website, I made an advance purchase for the jungle hopper ticket and only to realise that i could visit the safari (ie shows and fresh water aquarium) free as hotel guest. What i need to pay would be the safari journey and waterpark if i want to visit. Sadly, the waterpark was also under renovation, which i had paid for in the jungle hopper package.

May i suggest that this piece of information could be included in the website, probably under accommodation, so that hotel guests will be well-informed of their entitlement to the park?

Nevertheless, my husband and i do enjoy ourselves throughout the 2-night stay.

Great park , kids loved it, especially the swim and ride at the end

Had fun, but a little confusing knowing what to do. Unless you are quick and wait around we didn't get to see the shows. Bathrooms were not clean.

My kids enjoyed the Safari very much. The shows were good. Overall worth it.

We were a little disappointed with our trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park.

1.) First of all, we ordered our tickets ahead of time and were there before the park opened, and yet, it was complete chaos and very slow/difficult to get in when the doors were supposed to open. There needs to be more organization so that people who ordered tickets ahead of time aren't waiting while people who didn't buy tickets ahead of time are being let in while we wait in line and no one is at the computer helping us.

2.) A lot of the exhibits were closed. We bought the pass which included the water park and on the website it had pictures of water rides that looked like they were for adults. The water park ended up being very small and only had rides for kids. The rides that seemed like they may have been for adults were closed. We felt like we did everything halfway through the day, then we had to find a way to "kill time" until the park closed and our hotel shuttle came to pick us up.

3.) We didn't like that we had to put our money for food on a card, but when we still had money left on our card (enough to buy another coffee), they wouldn't let us use it because we were required to keep money on the card.

4.) It was advertised on the internet and in reviews that we would get to "cuddle with baby orangutangs". That was the main reason we came to the park, because they are my favorite animal. When we went to meet the orangutang, it wasn't a baby (not a huge deal), but I was told I couldn't touch him and the lady was rude and only let me have 10 seconds next to him to take a picture and then she shuffled me out of the way. I was very disappointed.

5.) While the safari is fun, once you are done with the safari, you don't get to see many other animals and take your time looking at them because most of the animals are on the safari and it goes very fast. Thats why we ran out of things to do because we did everything in the park by half way through the day.

Overall, it wasn't what we expected, especially for the price because it was expensive and a lot of things were closed.

Thank you.

The Marine Park isä not yet ready and almost the whole Fun Park was under renovation.

Lots to see and do with very friendly staff - you need approx 5-6 hours to see everything.

Safari was really good! Needed more animal shows/exhibitions to make up the day. Also water park with the works being done was lacking a little bit of action!

It was fine but it couldve been better if the fun zone started operating in bali safari and marine park

Wonderful day out

absolutely amazing! the best zoo i've been too, the animals were all healthy and happy looking and seemed to have a good relationship with their keepers. you're also allowed to interact with them and they make sure to highlight the importance of stopping poaching in the animal shows which i thought was a good idea! friendly staff and a great day out overall.

Wonderful experience. Great for kids and families.

Getting 3 stars only for the safari journey. The place is too small but yet the packages are super expensive. We have been to much better zoos/safaris which are much more cheaper but yet worth the monies. Sorry but I will not recommend this place to anyone.


Good for spending a day, however collection of animals could have been better. Compare to Casela Park in Mauritius (I visited) it is nothing. The best part was acung show in Bali theater.


So many things to see so little time to spend! We had a great experience! The Bali Agung show was awesome!

Safari Experience was nice only a bit expensive and no proper transportation arrangements from Jimbaran area. Taxi was very expensive. Animals in the safari looked very tired and dull not active

Great day at the safari park, the animal and tiger shows were very entertaining. Going through the three areas was great all the animals look well kept and content

Great experience. Very pretty park, with variety of shows. One feedback - the afternoon tea as part of the Jungle Hopper package is grossly inadequate, as there is nothing for kids. That should be changed

We took jungle hopper package,because pick up inclouded.But after the payment we get a message that the shuttle already fool is.We had to take a the taxi for 450.000.THE best atraction of the water park inclouded was not possible to use.Also the fun zone is inclouded but we couldnt use it,it was close.Im very disapointed by Bali safari.We paid the fool price,nobody told us before the payment,that we dont get everything what inclouded is.

Safari très rapide, pas le temps de vraiment regarder les animaux. La funzone était fermée (personne ne nous l'a dit à l'accueil. Très chère pour ce que c'est. Autant aller au zoo (on aurait passer une meilleur journée). La seule chose e bien est le spectacle balinais dans le théâtre.

The park was amazing and the kids loved it, but we made the mistake of booking online which means that as locals we were charged considerably more. Feedback at the park was that this is because they expect local people to only pay on site and not book beforehand.

Watch all the shows! Incredible performance from everybody!

Very nice.

I had visited Bali Safari and Marine Park on 31st August 2016 with my family and the Jungle Hopper plan we had purchased is best value for money. The safari was good from the view point of spotting the animals, but we had an apprehension that the animals especially, leopard, tigers and the lions being drugged and placed in vantage positions to help the sighting.

That apart, all the animal shows and the balinese dance show were good and spread the message of forest and animal conservation that is sure to influence many young minds.

The entire park is very clean and well maintained, the staff are courteous and well acquainted. The food is reasonably priced and dining with the lions is the most amazing experience we will cherish for a long time.

Was absolutely amazing, staff were so friendly and informative the kids loved it. Would come back and do it again.

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Bali Marine and Safari Park. The animal show, safari ride and spectacular theatre production were amazing. I have one criticism though. There were way too many people admitted to your park and crammed into the theatres. It was impossible to find a seat and was actually quite dangerous & chaotic attending with small children. If numbers were reduced the experience would have been much more pleasant for my entire family. You should consider holding the shows at the same time to spread the crowd out. We hope you consider this feedback from the Graf family in Australia. Kind regards, Natalie Graf

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