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  • Bali Safari embarks you on an adventure in wildlife!
  • A Safari Park incorporating strong Balinese culture with Animal education and conservation.
  • Elephant Back Safari Package rides are suitable for children.

Ride on the back of an elephant! Your Elephant Back Safari ticket will give you access to a fun and truly unforgettable experience.
Your ticket includes access to our amazing shows, a safari journey and our aquarium.

Enjoy FREE entrance for kids under 3 years old. Guests in wheel chairs are also welcome as our park is wheel chair friendly.
For your comfort and convenience, strollers and wheel chairs are available for daily rental.



Awesome experience!

The parc is wonderful! The animals are treated very well. Its an unique experience. True safari. Loved it so much!

This place is AMAZING!! The safari keepers were very nice and friendly to the animals. The animals seemed healthy and very happy, so we definately recommend to visit if you are staying in Bali. Thank you!

It was expensive in compare of what you get


Amazing experience, highly recommend this tour. The close encounter with the elephant was such a wonderful experience.

fun but sometimes scary

Great experience at a good price

Everything was simply perfect

Thank you very much for a wonderful experience of your elephant safari. I accidentally made our booking for the following day, but your front desk sorted the booking out and your staff rushed us through onto the midday safari. We are very grateful for their assistance. Mona is a beautiful elephant and her handler was excellent. After the elephant safari, we enjoyed strolling through as much of the park as we could, but unfortunately our cruise time was fairly short and traffic on the day was hectic. Would have loved to spend a whole day there and enjoy the shows and other attractions. Thank you very much again and would highly recommend your wonderful park.

Molto bello da far anche se il costo del biglietto è un po’ elevato

Loved the ride we had two young kids with us and grandparents came as well. Its a great value for all ages!

The arrangement of all the shows and the way animals are taken care of was really praiseworthy. Also the options available at the restaurant was great! The EBS package was just perfect for our family.

Enjoyed the elephant ride, however very disappointed that I still had to pay for the water park after already paying $200AUD.

Not worth it and wouldn’t recommend.

Really was fun and enjoyed the safari

We had a fantastic time at Bali Safari Park. However people should be made aware that the marine park has still not been finished being built. Therefore Bali Safari and Marine Park could be taken as false advertisement, particularly when the map you are given even shows it as being there but fails to mention that it is not yet open.

Highly recommended Activity for Family with Kids.
Would like to stay in the Safari Resort the next time we visit.


While the elephant ride was exactly what we asked for, alot of time was spent sitting in one location waiting for the clock to tick down to make up the “30 mins” before heading back to the platform, perhaps a longer route would be better, we achieved only 20 minute tour in the end. I would recommend the tour but the time stipulated wasn’t kept in my instance.

great experience

Excellent destination

Very well maintained and friendly staff

Just vegetarian indian food less options try to add more

And credit card refill in 50000 multiples only at food counter u should allow in multiples 0f 10000 our 22000 Indonesian rupiah got wasted in balance

Very interesting place if you want to feed animals and try real safari on elephant.

Excellent and must visit for everyone visiting Bali. All the shows are also very good and nicely presented.

The park was great... however...we loaded up money on cashless card only to find that you had to demand staff accept it.... despite signs saying it was accepted
For food for example at the petting zoo. Im actually convinced yoir staff are putting the money in their pockets

Very bad park

Very expensive and you have to buy for everything !
Lion are drugs
Not a lot of animais

Bali marine ? Just an aquarium ..

It's very fun.

Well kept park! I reckon the tickets are worth spending for. The staff are great, the animals are well cared for. The place is clean and the programs are very well thought of. Had so much fun even as an adult!

Was an amazing experience ! The shows that we watched were so cool, they told a story about the different animals and made you aware of how humans have affected them. Definitely made us more aware of the danger they're in. Would definitely recommend this to everyone !

Attrape touristes : ce n'est pas du tout un Safari!
Il s'agit plus d'un mini zoo à la Walt Disney qu'un safari. Oubliez la balade en 4x4. Ça sera un tour express en bus collectifs. Les shows avec les animaux sont sympas. À éviter si votre temps à Bali est limité à quelques jours!

Could use more visual stimulating objects, it seemed like all the animals were hibernating and it was just a walk through a field.


Very nice place with lovely animals! Just please do rhino place bigger, it looks too small for such creature.

It was great.

Amazing :) worth the price with all the activities on the park

We visited the Safari Park in September and had a fantastic day. We enjoyed the animal shows, loved the elephant ride and thoroughly enjoyed our 4x4 Jeep experience. I absolutely loved hand feeding the animals through the Jeep windows. Keep up the good work.

Good .really enjoyed.

Amazing sights to see with very informative staff to guide you along your journey through the park. Highly recommend to anyone going to Bali.

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Bali Safari & Marine Park
Prof Dr Ida Bagus Mantra Km 19,8 Gianyar 80551, Bali - Indonesia, Gianyar, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 361 209 8100 (Reservation)
Telephone : +62 361 950 000 (Hunting)

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